Palm Clearing

Experts at All Tree And Stump Works can do the job

safely, expertly, and effectively. We have the required equipment to manage palm trees, especially the taller specimens. Our professionals also provide stump grinding so that there are no visible, ugly signs after the removal. They even clear out the waste and prepare the space for your future use. Take benefit of our tree care professionals and call us today for a no-obligation, free quote.


Palm trees are a common feature of life in Queensland.  Their unique features and tropical feel make them a popular choice in many front and backyards in our region.  They can be tricky to manage though, so if you’re thinking about removing a palm tree on your property or just need maintenance of your palm’s fronds or seed pods, the team at All Tree and Stump Works can help.  We’re the experts in palm tree removal and we’ll make sure your palm is removed safely and without any damage to the surrounding area.  Give our team a call and we’ll assess your palm tree and work out the best way to remove it.